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Updated: Thursday, July 20, 2017
Is This The Ultimate Example Of What Not To Do When Listing Your House For Sale?
Theres a new home listing thats been making the Internet rounds this week, and its a must-see for anyone who is selling their house, considering selli... FULL STORY ->
Maintaining Your Hot Water Heater
Water heaters generally have a lifespan of 8-12 years, but as with anything, the better care you take of it, the longer it will last. There are severa... FULL STORY ->
Mortgages: When You Are In Financial Trouble
Question: We have owned our house for many years, and currently owe several months of mortgage payments. The equity in our house is somewhere in the n... FULL STORY ->
How To Safely Remove Window Glass
Why would you need to remove glass from your window? In most cases, its because the glass is cracked or broken, or it is an insulated pane thats no lo... FULL STORY ->
The Need For Signatures - All The Signatures
One of the basics that real estate brokers teach new agents is that they need to get signatures on contracts. They also want to be sure that they get ... FULL STORY ->
Agents: 5 Tips for Successfully Pursuing Social Purpose
Are you searching for social purpose to enrich your work, contribute to obvious local need, and reach out to new target groups? Not as a marketing pit... FULL STORY ->
The Fall Colors For Home Youll Soon Be Seeing Everywhere
Already thinking about how to jazz up your home with the latest fall trends and newest colors? Even in the dead of summer, its hard to keep from think... FULL STORY ->
How To Create A Statement Ceiling
Are things looking up in your home? How about people? If theres nothing to draw their eye up, you may be missing out on a great decorating opportunity... FULL STORY ->
A Heartfelt Way to Say Hello to Your New Neighbors
Dont worry about a perfect presentation - a heartfelt note and a simple treat create a wonderful welcome to the neighborhoodA few months ago our neigh... FULL STORY ->
7 Key Things That Help You Qualify For A Mortgage
In an environment where lenders are highly regulated and risk-averse, borrowers are rightfully a little nervous when they apply for a mortgage. But wi... FULL STORY ->
Buying a Vacation Home: The Questions Before The Purchase
Whether its an oceanside bungalow or a luxury cabin in the mountains, many people dream of buying a vacation home. Financial advisors call a purchase ... FULL STORY ->
When It Comes To Disclosures, How Much Do You Really Have To Tell?
You call her Gladys. For the six years you lived in your charming little 1909 Craftsman home on your charming little 1909 street, she appeared in hall... FULL STORY ->
REALTORS Giving Back Like Never Before As a PinRaise Agent With Heart
If, as Zig Ziglar once said, "Sometimes adversity is what you need to face in order to become successful," Virginia-based Realtor Michelle Huber Rataj... FULL STORY ->
Drone Technology Beneficial To The Real Estate Game
Real estate agents and home inspectors are always looking for innovative ways to keep their clients informed. One of the latest tools in the home buyi... FULL STORY ->
HOA Assessments Based On Square Footage
Question: I live in a condo with 150 different units. Our assessments are based on our square footage. Residents can pay a monthly rent for parking sp... FULL STORY ->
How to Let Go of Unwanted Things Youve Inherited
Whether youve inherited a large collection of items or a single bulky piece of furniture, its OK to let it go if you dont need or want it.A dear frien... FULL STORY ->
What You Need To Know Before You Buy In A Planned Community
A particularly active spring storm season left pockmarked roofs and tumbled fences throughout North Texas this year, including many in my master-plann... FULL STORY ->
Protectecting Yourself During a Move
"I cant wait to move"How often do you hear someone say that? What they mean is they cant wait to be in their new place, all unpacked and organized and... FULL STORY ->
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