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"In Search Of Maximence"

(4-CD Audio Album & Action Book)

  Popular reissue of the classic 3-hour seminar that has changed the lives
of tens of thousands of men, women and teenagers!

Web Price only $16.75




  "The Real World Of Selling Real Estate"

 Over 400 pages of select morsels, culled from thousands of pages of Joe Klock's renowned Sales Tips Newsletters.
An absolute must-have for real estate professionals at every level.  If you are a manager, you will want every member of your team to read it as well.  


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Web Price only $17.50 each  
(Publisher's Price: $24.95)


5-Book Pack for only $14 per book! (Total: $70)
(Save $3.50 per book, for a total saving of $17.50!!!)  


                                        30-Book carton for only $11.50 per book! (Total: $345.00)
                                                     (Save $6 per book, for a total savings of $180!!!) 




                                 "The Facts Of Life [For Home Sellers]"

(25-Minute Audio CD) 

The Facts of Life PROGRAM is designed for distribution by real estate professionals
to those contemplating the sale of their homes or holding out for unrealistic prices.
(It also has a profound effect on FSBOs, according to several users.) 

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$7.50 Each 



 13 CD's for ony $4 per CD! (Total price: $52.00)



Like Klockwork...the Whimsy, Wit and (sometime) Wisdom of a Key Largo Curmudgeon

A lively collection of (88) short, punchy essays, providing food for thought, reasons to chuckle, flashes of nostalgia and - truth to tell - occasional grounds for outrage.

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    The Authentic Tyrolean Tuturu for just $5! 

  Order today and become an official member of  SPPTWHASOP* !!!

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 *Society for the Preservation & Promotion of the TUTURU© in the Western Hemisphere And Some Other Places  


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